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Harry's Education Centre

We strive to bring out the best in students

Harry really helped cement my knowledge of the HSC Extension 2 maths syllabus through his selective choice of worked examples in class, range of practice questions from textbooks, trial and HSC exams and weekly topic tests. His teaching style effectively catered to the needs of every individual in the class by making sure everyone understood the material at hand. Moreover, Harry’s introduction and explanation of extra concepts, teaching us how to approach questions in different ways developed my critical thinking and problem solving for mathematics. Ultimately, Harry’s thorough teaching style coupled with the abundance of resources and routine assessments had a significant impact on my understanding of HSC mathematics, enabling me to maximize my final result.

Puneet Nanda (from Fort Street High) - ATAR 99.95 (2014)

USYD Medicial

Harry has a level of professionalism incomparable to other tutors. His hours extend beyond the 2 or 3 hours of class as he always has time to answer your questions or clarify confusing topics. Despite the minimalist work load he expects from his students, Harry does indeed help you achieve the maths you want with minimal effort. There is nowhere you’d rather be, no one you’d rather be with than Harry’s Education Centre.

Weber Liu (from Sydney Boys High) -  ATAR 99.95 (2014)

USYD Medical

Harry’s Education has taught me a lot in the last few years of my high school experience. His mathematical guidance has helped me enormously – his in class explanations and examples are clear and thorough and gave me the ability to work through harder problems encountered both in the homework provided by Harry and questions in school and exams. He also creates an environment in his centre which is extremely comfortable and helpful – a perfect learning space. Without Harry’s help, I would not have been able to succeed in the HSC.

Katrina Chau (from North Sydney Girls High) - ATAR 99.95 (2014)

UNSW Acturial Studies

Harry’s Education offers the highest quality of teaching in a range of areas. The centre is thoroughly organised, as evident by the excellent classmates and contemporary teaching facilities. Harry is also an incredibly dedicated and accomplished tutor and it was a great pleasure to learn from him.

Ann Wen (from North Sydney Girl High) - ATAR 99.95 (2014)


" I owe Mr Koh and his teaching staff my sincere thanks - in my final year exams particularly, his weekly classes and additional holiday classes reinforced my understanding of conceptually difficult topics in Extension 2 Mathematics. The resources, especially the weekly class tests and hand-picked selection of challenging questions, were excellent, however, it was Mr Koh's friendly and patient attitude which really nurtured me and helped me reach my full potential.
I know future students have the ability to do just as well, if not better, under the guidance of such a fantastic teacher. "

Jeremy Tjeuw
Art & Law
University of Sydney

" Harry's Education Centre was an integral part of my HSC success, reinforcing concepts learnt at school, then extending it with many examples and ensuring it was mastered with challenging homework and tests. Harry's experience teaching maths was accessible; the little hints and tips made doing longer questions easier and faster. To top it off, Harry's teaching style was enjoyable, bringing out a laugh every now and then. "

Mukhlis Mah
Advanced Science
University of New South Wales

" Studying at Harry's Education Centre was a thoroughly worthwhile learning experience. Harry's teaching style was easy to follow and often supported with many rigorous examples to help reinforce even the most difficult concepts of HSC mathematics. This was complemented by the fun yet engaging atmosphere filled with students of diverse backgrounds from schools across Sydney, which really facilitated a successful learning environment for everyone. "

Bobby Qiu
Commerce / Science
University of New South Wales

" Harry's was a really valuable learning experience. I had the opportunity to be taught alongside my friends & peers while the tutors there also had a very thorough, friendly and organised approach to learning. Their support and the resources they provided were really helpful, especially during the HSC. "

Ashleigh Xie
University of New South Wales

" I had been in Harry's maths class for both Year 11 and Year 12. During these two years, my maths has improved a lot and this was all because of Harry's effective teaching skills. I believed that I would not be able to get 1st in the state for HSC 3-Unit Maths this year, if without Harry's teaching and help.
For each topic, Harry would give everyone a booklet which contain a large amount of various samples and practice questions of each topic and some special skills of solving some hard questions. These booklets were extremely helpful and helped me grasp each topic more easily and quickly.
Overall, Harry is a responsible, knowledgeable and humorous maths teacher. I am glad to be one of his students. Thank you, Harry. "

James Zhang Yi
Actuarial Studies
Australian National University

" I first started attending Harry's Education Centre at the end of Year 10. I can confidently attribute my improvements in my studies since then to the skilled tutelage and guidance of the experienced teaching staff at Harry's Education Centre. In class, the explanations have been clear and concise and the notes were invaluable for practice and revision. the lessons were well structured and Harry has enlightened us with fast and effective methods for solving a vast variety of questions. Overall, Harry's Education Centre has significantly contributed to my exam success. The teaching quality is of the highest standard. "

Jason Hui Juyao
Medicine and Medical Science
University of Sydney

" The lessons at Harry's Education Centre were a valuable experience which helped greatly in achieving my results. Through a structured and rigorous teaching, Harry was able to enrich and enhance my mathematical talents. The detailed explanations and resources allowed not only thorough understanding but also allowed for the opportunity to learn beyond the required scope. Lastly, but most importantly, interactive classes at Harry's Education Centre provided a positive learning environment which I believed was the key to my success. "

Mark Guan Yunxiang
Commerce & Engineering
University of New South Wales

" In the one year I stayed with HEC, I was under the tutelage and mentorship of a highly dedicated and knowledgeable teacher. I am confident that the skills Harry imparted upon me were one of the factors of my eventual success. I particularly enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and ambience present. I wish the best of luck to all future students. "

Sunny Wang
Commerce & Law,
University of New South Wales

" I first began attending Harry's Education Centre in Year 10 and since then my marks in Maths at school improved steadily. By the time topics were taught at school, I already had a good understanding because of tutoring. The teaching at HEC is easy to understand and the notes provided are useful for revision. We were also taught alternate methods to solve problems which were often faster and simpler than those taught at school. This became especially important in Year 12 Maths Extension 2. HEC helped me achieve the marks I needed to get into the medical course I wanted. "

Gigi Yeung
Medical Student,
University of New South Wales

" Harry's Education centre promotes a warm and encouraging environment for learning. The students are always very co-operative and enthusiastic, and the teaching is of the highest quality. Not only are the teachers the best in their field, they are also very warm and friendly, always glad to answer questions and go the extra mile.
As a great learning atmosphere, it is also a great place to meet new friends and make new connections. "

Angelo Lu
Commerce & Law Student,
University of New South Wales

" To Harry's Education Centre,
I want to express my deepest gratitude to the centre & Harry during my H.S.C. years. I remember enrolling in the last term of year eleven after my friend introduced me to this centre, and I'm glad I did. Harry not only gave me a deeper & clearer understanding of Mathematics, but also many short-cuts I could apply and problem-solving skills that aided me greatly during my exams. I was also given many problems & exercises that I could work with weekly to improve my skills & absorb new techniques. The workshops were also splendid, as I could drop by after school anytime if I have difficulties and Harry was always kind & helpful. Overall, I'm pleased with all the efforts the centre had employed to prepare me for the H.S.C., and I couldn't have reached this far without Harry's help.
Thank you very much. "

Lina Mao
Actuarial & Law Student,
Macquarie University

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